Rethinking Biology is in our DNA.

Harness the Power of 3D Design to Create Useful Proteins.

Our Mission

  • we rethink
  • we innovate
  • we create biology

At Gigabases, our mission is to transform the way we approach biology by leveraging big data and cutting-edge 3D protein design technology..

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Our Story

We believe that empowering researchers with the tools to quickly design and implement useful biological systems has the potential to revolutionize the field of biotechnology and bio-medicine.

Our story began over a decade ago when our team set out to rethink biology and develop a new approach to building biological systems with the help of computers.

This led to the first computer-generated synthetic genome and the founding of our ETH spin-off, Gigabases. Since then, we have been dedicated to supporting our partners in the development of innovative solutions in big data biology.

Our Platform

Our platform offers a wide range of products and services, including a vast collection of over 214 million protein structures, as well as computer-optimized expression plasmids designed using our AI-powered webtool.

Our DNA design technology is based on the latest advances in computer algorithms and big-data biology, making it possible to create useful proteins and translate them into ready-to-order DNA constructs.

Meet Our Team

Matthias Christen | CEO | Gigabases Matthias Christen CEO
Max Mittmann | CFO | Gigabases Max Mittmann CTO
Beat Christen | CTO | Gigabases Beat Christen CSO

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Join us on our mission to revolutionize biology and empower researchers to make groundbreaking innovations in biotechnology and bio-medicine.

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