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    Gigabases develops novel production strains for biotechnological manufacturing using the company's proprietary bio-design technology. We offer our customers integrated DNA solutions for biotechnology and biopharmaceutical applications. Gigabases Switzerland provides DNA designs in sizes from 20 kb up to 1 Mb.

    Genome Inspection & Transposon Sequencing

    Gigabases holds a portfolio of genome inspection tools to map the genetic targets that improve the performance of microbial production strains. Gigabases technology offers the opportunity to optimise production strains quickly and efficiently by knowing what is needed to increase their productivity.


    We offer services for :

    • Identification of the pathway genes required for the biosynthesis of specific metabolites 
    • Definition of the global gene targets that optimise productivity and improve strain robustness in bio-based processes

    Computer-generated DNA Design

    Our groundbreaking DNA design technology holds the potential to transform a wide variety of industrial processes that make everything from detergents to vitamins, antibiotics and biopharmaceuticals. Our computer algorithms collect a tremendous volume of data to identify patterns and insights that would be impossible for a human to do in a reasonable time-frame. As an outcome, we provide computer-generated genomes for a wide range of applications.


    We offer services for :

    • Genome and biosynthesis pathway designs for biotechnology applications ranging from 20 kb up to 1 Mb
    • Synthesis rewriting of DNA to standardize and optimize the chemical synthesis of genomes
    • Retrosynthetic partitioning of genome design to streamline the genome assembly process

    Genome Synthesis

    Gigabases digital DNA design platform integrates computational algorithms to program biological functions of a cell into genome sequences streamlined for chemical manufacturing. We provide DNA designs in sizes from 20 kb up to 1 Mb.


    We do:

    • Biosynthesis pathways
    • Genomic vaccines
    • Entire microbial genomes
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