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We're on a mission to revolutionize the world of synthetic biology by combining the power of AI and cutting-edge digital technology. With our webtool, designing your ideal protein has never been easier. Expand the protein universe, create new biology and accelearate your research innovations now.

214 Million Proteins, 3D Design, and Sequence Perfect Plasmids - All in One Place

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Search & Select Your Protein

Find the perfect match for your research needs with our easy-to-use search function.

Browse through over 214 million protein 3D structures and select the one that's right for you.

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Design Your Protein in 3D

With our advanced 3D protein design technology, you can customize your protein down to the amino acid level.

Mutate, crop, select domains, and inspect all functions in 3D with ease. The possibilities are endless.

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Step 3
Let Algorithms Do the Work

Our algorithms take your custom-designed protein and live-encode it into a ready-to-order expression plasmid.

Say goodbye to manual labor and hello to a seamless, streamlined process.

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Order Your Plasmid

Choose from mammalian, viral, or bacterial expression plasmids, all 100% sequence verified.

With Gigabases, you can rest assured that you're getting the quality and accuracy you need for your research.

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Gigabases offers a range of plasmids to meet all of your research needs. Explore our expression systems and discover the limitless possibilities.