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    Genomic Vaccines & Living Medicine

    Advancing health through genomic vaccine innovation

    Today we still face the challenge of developing vaccines against pathogens whose surface antigens undergo a high mutation rate and evade the immune response during the course of infection. Gigabases uses computer algorithms to design genomic vaccine prototypes that cure disease in ways not possible before. Genomic vaccines are composed of DNA instead of proteins and enable the rapid development of preventives for infectious diseases. Beside preventive vaccines for infectious diseases, therapeutic vaccines based on DNA hold significant potential to become a cornerstone of combined strategies of cancer immunotherapy.

    Living biotherapeutics programmed by DNA

    In addition to the sustainable production of drugs through minimized cells, future development will provide us with new targeted therapies such as living biotherapeutics that are based on customized cells. Following the chemical molecules and the protein-based biopharmaceuticals, computer-generated DNA will be at the centre of biotechnology 4.0, changing the way we develop tailor-made therapies to the benefit of patients.

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