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    What is the core of Gigabases' genome synthesis technology?

    Gigabases Technology employs computer algorithms that use the flexibility in life's code to produce functional DNA that is very easy to synthesize. These algorithms optimize gene-coding and intergenic DNA sequences for chemical synthesis.

    How does the DNA of Gigabases differ from natural DNA sequences?

    Our DNA designs are guided by natural evolution and preserve biological functionalities. Through synthesis optimization, our DNA has a uniform structure and can thus be produced much more easily by chemical means than would be the case with natural DNA sequences. This facilitates the synthesis of DNA that is orders of magnitude larger than that produced by existing gene synthesis methods.

    What functions can be encoded into the DNA of Gigabases?

    We encode everything from novel vaccines to production strains that replace petroleum-based chemical processes with sustainable biological alternatives. Our DNA products are full-genome designs encompassing up to several hundreds of genes.

    In what form will my DNA be delivered?

    Depending on the customer project and the size, Gigabases provides sequence-verified DNA as artificial yeast chromosomes, E.coli strains, or DNA preparations.

    How long does it take to synthesize a genome at Gigabases?

    We typically deliver synthetic genomes within 4-5 weeks from the digital design to sequence-verified DNA.

    What are the costs for a genome synthesis project?

    Genome synthesis services for constructs below 100 kb start with an investment of CHF 30k to CHF 240k, depending on the synthesis effort and the desired usage rights (research or commercial licenses). For more complex projects, with additional biological design efforts, the project range starts from CHF 400k upwards - depending on the scope and the intended application.

    We are a large company: Can Gigabases meet our standards?

    Yes, our services are used by customers in the industry. For our partners, we deliver DNA for genomes up to 1.6 Mega bases in size.

    We are a fast-growing startup and interested in your technology. However, we are not sure to invest in a project with Gigabases at the moment

    We are happy to support startups and their research projects with a reduced pricing model that allows them to use our technology for research purposes at a discounted price for a certain time frame. After that, you can decide if you need a commercial license.

    I want to implement a project with Gigabases. What to do?

    Contact us and tell us more about your project! We will gladly support you in all steps of the project implementation and send you an offer.


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