• Biofertilizers

    Increase agricultural crop yield with beneficial microbes


    As humanity faces global challenges with population growth and climate change, we need to rethink how tomorrows agriculture will look like. With a share of 5% of the world's natural gas consumption, the production of ammonia is one of the largest industrial energy consumers and responsible for the release of more than 250 megatons of climate-damaging CO2 every year. Around 80% of the manufactured ammonia is used for fertilizers to increase agricultural crop yield and match the pace of food production with human population growth, but this has been at high environmental costs that are no longer sustainable.


    It is time to replace chemistry with sustainable biological processes for a transition towards energy efficiency and sustainability! The breeding of useful microbes with the help of computers enables new opportunities to harness the chemical diversity of nature and improve the health of ecosystems and life on our planet. Gigabases uses computer algorithms to design and breed novel organisms that replace chemistry with sustainable biological processes. We develop biofertilizers based on microbes that help to reduce the needs of chemical N-fertilizers in important crop plants like cereals.

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